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 BGP Arabia Co. Ltd.
BGP Arabia Co. Ltd.
Business Scope
Physical geography prospecting
Brief Introduction
BGP Arabia Co. Ltd. belongs to BGP International. BGP is a leading professional geophysical company worldwide concentrating on seismic, processing, interpretation and equipment manufacturing. Currently, it has 39 oversea branches, 60 seismic crews operating in more than 30 countries. Its land seismic business is the world¡¯s No.1.
BGP, as the core member of IAGC, and major member of SEG and EAGE, has a superb reputation and it is widely known in the global seismic acquisition business. 
At the moment, BGP Arabia is the leading geophysical contractor in Saudi Arabia, meanwhile it is BGP¡¯s major sustainable developing overseas company. It is awarded Innovation and High Efficacy Award many times by BGP. In 2007, it is awarded May 1st Labor Medal by All-China Federation of Trade Unions.   
Since 2003, BGP Arabia has successfully operated 16 projects (some projects have been completed successfully) in various terrain conditions including desert area, military base, large industry city, and oil fields all over Saudi Arabia . It has evolved its own professional acquisition techniques and operation mode for land, marine and transition zone acquisition by years of seismic operation. BGP Arabia has delivered high quality seismic services to Saudi Aramco many times. It also successfully provided services to SARK, SSG, ENIRPSA, Bahrain PTTEP and other major international oil companies.
As a international company, BGP Arabia has employees who come from more than 20 countries. It combines different cultural spirit of employees together focusing on corporate culture construction and improving the process of saudilization constantly. By developing itself, BGP Arabia repays local society. It devotes to make a contribution to economy growth of Saudi Arabia.
Projects in K.S.A.
BGP Arabia Co. Ltd. registered in Saudi Arabia on 1st of May, 1999. Over the last 11 years, it achieved extraordinary success:
1.     In April 2003, BGP signed the first land seismic acquisition contract with Saudi Aramco Oil Company, opening the doors of seismic markets in Saudi Arabia. This was a millstone achievement;
2.     In April 2006, BGP signed a contract with Saudi Aramco, which is the largest transition zone seismic acquisition contract all over the world so far. Since then, BGP has become one of the leaders in transition zone acquisition markets;
3.     In October 2006, BGP successfully got the bid for Red Sea OBC project. This indicates that BGP have stepped into deep sea seismic market.
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