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Business Scope
¢Å Geophysical prospecting.
¢Æ  Drilling & Workover.
¢Ç  Oilfield facility engineering and construction.
¢È  Infrastructure.
Brief Introduction
Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation (SINOPEC SERVICE) is a fully owned subsidiary of the SINOPEC Group dedicated to provide international petroleum services to all major oil and gas operators.
SINOPEC SERVICE has been created form service teams of the SINOPEC Group working in 14 regions of China who have over 50 years of oil and gas industry experience.  The company offers efficient services utilizing modern technology.  Capabilities include seismic acquisition and processing, drilling, mud logging, wireline logging, cementing, workover, oil and gas facility construction and pipeline laying for a wide range of surface conditions and subsurface characteristics, SINOPEC SERVICE is fully supported by the research and development institutes of the SINOPEC Group.
SINOPEC SERVICE believes that the health and safety of the employees and clients, as well as the protection of the environment is essential to its activities.  Wherever SINOPEC SERVICE operates, its obligations to authorities, local communities, society and business partners are considered critical to the success of the business, SINOPEC SERVICE has a HSE Management System in place and strives for high standards and continuous improvement.
SINOPEC SERVICE has undertaken petroleum projects, and oil and gas technical services in many countries in Africa, America, Middle East and Asia.  SINOPEC Service has an outstanding record in geophysical prospecting, drilling, logging, cementing, hydraulic fracturing and well workover.  It has a strong Engineering, Procurement and construction capability for oil and gas facilities, pipelines and civil infrastructure.
Since 2000, SINOPEC SERVICE has covered its business In Saudi Arabia, SINOPEC SERVICE Saudi Arabia has been established since 2004.
Project in K.S.A

Geophysical Prospecting

Drilling and Workover

Manifa Onshore Well Site Completions


Wasea Bulk Plant at East West Pump Station No. 03

Replacement of Corroded 20KM UWIP Water Transfer Pipeline

Sinopec Training Center(KSA)


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Sinopec Office Building
Eurovillage compound
Al-Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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